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Parrot Pictures and Descriptions

The pictures on these pages are all of my my babies and, in some cases breeders. I have based the description for each parrot species on my personal experience. This may be, in many cases, different than information that you may have read on other sites, but the differences are a result of training and environment. In many cases, a person will base an opinion of a species from one bird. My opinions are based on raising a large number of the species. Baby parrots of the same species can be very different depending on the environment they are raised in, and the handling they experience as they develop.

Cockatoos Although the members cockatoo species is not know for their talking ability, they more than makes up for it with their affectionate, comical nature. Cockatoos can be very vocal and tend to demand attention.
Macaws This picture group includes pictures and character descriptions of both mini macaws and the large macaws. All of the members of this group can be excellent talkers. They range in size from the Hahns Macaw that is no larger than a conure, to the majestic Hyacinth Macaw that can exceed 42 inches in length.
All Others This group includes parrot species that are not included in the groups above.

Check back to see updates on new pictures and descriptions.