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Judy Leach's Parrots
Breeder Specializing in Macaws, including Hyacinth Macaw
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Having been a parrot breeder and trainer of parrots, specializing in macaws, cockatoos, and african greys since 1983, I have designed and developed this web site to share my experience in parrots, and to help others better Parrot babies, blue and gold macaw, hyacinth macaw, green wing macaw, military macaw, umbrella cockcatoounderstand and care for these amazing and intelligent creatures. Aviculture and keeping larger parrots as pets has gained tremendous popularity. In fact, the prevalence of parrots as pets is precedented only by dogs and cats. Yet understanding the intelligence and needs, both physical and psychological, of parrots is still in its infancy in many parts of the world.

Although I have raised most species of macaws, cockatoos, african grey parrots, and conures in the past years, I have, in recent years sold all of my breeding pairs except the macaws. The macaw species that I now breed include hyacinth macaws, catalina macaws, harlequin macaws, and green wing macaws. I may continue to reduce the number of pairs that I have, but I intend to continue raising and breeding macaws, including Hyacinth macaws for a few more years. Somehow, I can't imagine life without my parrots. I will continue to maintain and add to this web site in an effort to educate people about the care and training of parrots and help people that have parrots with behavioral and health problems. While I don't intend to help people avoid veterinary care for their pets, I will help to diagnose problems in an effort to aid veterinarians in the consideration of possibilities.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns that you may have with a pet parrot. I also welcome any suggestions that may assist me in making this site of more value to the education of both new and experienced parrot owners. Thru the use and the magic of the Internet, this has indeed become a very "small, small world".Signature.gif


Since I have been cutting back on breeding pairs I have some parrot breeding supplies and parrot related items for sale. Click here to see the listing of items and prices. New items will be listed as time permits.

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Introduction - Learn about us, our guarantee, our terms of sale, and how we raise our parrots. Our History - Read about my history; how I got started raising parrots and the obstacles I had to overcome to succeed in becoming a parrot breeder.
References - Read comments from people that have purchased our parrot babies. Email them for references and comments. Visit Our Parrot Nursery - See how, and where, we raise our parrot babies.
Parrot Pictures / Descriptions - See parrot pictures and descriptions of various parrot species. Learn about parrot personality traits and tendencies. Witness the hatching of a Green Wing macaw. Parrot Care, Training, and Behavior -Learn about parrot care, diet, training, and behavior, good and bad. New additions as time permits.
Parrot Disease / Illnesses / Injuries - Learn about parrot diseases, parrot illnesses, and injuries, how to recognize them and what to do about them. Parrot Babies We Raise & Availability - This page lists all of the parrot babies we raise, prices, and availability. Check back for updates or let me know what you are looking for.
Breeders Parrots for Sale - We are cutting back on our parrot breeding stock and have pairs and singles for sale. Check back for updates to this page. Recommended Avian Vets - A listing of avian vets that have been recommended by visitors to this site. As the list grows, it will help parrot owners to find a trusted avian vet in their area. Recommend your avian vet to others.
Links - Links to parrot products and services. We investigate each of these and include only those with quality, safe products for parrots. Baby Hyacinth Macaw - Watch one of our baby Hyacinth Macaws develop from hatching. This page had been updated weekly with pictures and videos until the baby was full feathered and near weaning.
Visitors Pet Parrots - Pictures of visitors' pet parrots. Some of these are our babies. We welcome additions. Visitors Pet Parrot Movies - Movies submitted by visitors of their pet parrots on special or funny moments. We welcome additions.
My Scrapbook - This page will give you a glimpse into some of my past with newpaper articles and TV appearances. Some are informational and some are entertaining. Contact Us - You can use this page to contact us with questions about parrot care, concerns, problems, and suggestions or comments on this web site.

Last Updated - October 6, 2021

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