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Mini Macaw Pictures and Descriptions

Severe Macaw

Aside from the Red Fronted macaw, the Severe, also known as the Chestnut Fronted Macaw, is the largest of the mini macaws. It is the only mini macaw that has feathersSevere.jpg (14870 bytes) on its facial patch, increasing its similarity to the larger macaw species. It reaches a total length of about 18 inches, about half of which is contributed to the length of the tail. The body size is about the same as a Congo African Grey, but slimmer in build.

As with many of the mini macaw members, the Severe Macaw must be well socialized as a youngster to prevent him from becoming a one person bird. They are a playful, animated bird that can be very "vocal" if spoiled. Their excitement and curiosity with their environment reminds me very much of a child in a toy store that can't contain his excitement. Having the capability to be excellent talkers, their vocal tendencies can be diverted into words instead of noise.

The youngsters, as with most parrots, must be taught acceptable behavior, and rules must be established and adhered to from an early age. Their excitable, animated nature can also cause them to be nippy if it is not discouraged when young. As a pet, the Severe can make a delightful and entertaining addition to your family.