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Macaw Pictures and Descriptions

General Information about Macaws

Although Macaws are generally thought of as large parrots, the species actually includes members that range from the Hahns macaw that is no larger that a conure to the Hyacinth Macaw that can exceed 42 inches in length. The smaller macaws are generally referred to as "mini" macaws. The mini macaws are often described as having similar characteristics and temperament of the larger macaws, but I, personally, do not agree. Chihuahuas and Great Danes are both dogs, but they are not at similar in temperament. The smaller dogs are much more active and have a tendency to be more nippy. The same is true of the parrots. The mini macaws are also nice pets, but they are much more active than the larger macaws. Mini macaws are also very animated, and have a tendency to be more vocal more often and nippier.

Of all parrots, the macaws tend to be more child-like. This could be either positive or negative depending on your knowledge of child psychology. They seem to have a sense of humor and enjoy playing tricks on their human companions. They learn to take advantage of situations and people when they can, and learn all of the tricks that a normal child would. They have the intelligence potential of a 3-5 year old child, and the emotional development of a 3 year old child. Although many will say that screaming and being noisy is common for macaws, this is not a natural tendency unless they learn this behavior will accomplish their purposes. Many macaws will never scream unless excited or agitated.

The talking ability of most macaw is excellent, and they often learn to talk in context. It is not uncommon for them to respond appropriately to conversation. Although they are capable of delivering a nasty bite, they seldom do unless threatened or scared. Most often they have no desire to bite, and. even when not tame, will warn before they do. As pets, they are generally very affectionate and responsive.

Macaws are not a pet that would be appropriate for everyone, especially those that feel intimidated by larger animals or do not have the space to accommodate a larger cage, but for someone that wants an intelligent, responsive companion, a macaw would be an excellent choice.

The pages for the various macaw species describe each and explain possible tendencies for each species. Keep in mind that although each species may have personality or temperament tendencies, each is an individual. Training, environment, and handling play a tremendous role in the development or suppression of these traits.

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