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Judy Leach's Parrots
Breeder Specializing in Macaws, including Hyacinth Macaw

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Last Updated July 10, 2020

For the last 27 years, I have devoted my life to the breeding, care, and training of my parrots. In that time, I have acquired an incredible amount of knowledge from and about my parrots. With an average of 65 to 100 pairs, this knowledge has enabled me to achieve a level of success in breeding that few have accomplished without having a few hundred pairs. My parrots and I have produced and raised hundreds of parrot babies that are now companions and family member throughout the United States.

In the last couple of years, I found new homes for all of my pairs except my Hyacinth macaws that I love dearly. My mother is now 100 years old and still with us. Since I am now 73 years old, I have made the decision that I will no longer breed Hyacinths or any others. I have dedied to find new homes for the Hyacinth pairs that I have left. This is very difficult for me to do, but we all reach periods in our lives when we realize it is time to move on. As always, I will help and support anyone that buys any of my birds to ensure that they have a permanent home.

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Hyacinth Macaw - Male, about 24 years old, could be pet or breeder but would work better as a breeder, in perfect feather, and is a large Hyacinth. As a breeder, he is a proven and has produce babies- $10,000



Hyacinth Macaws - Extremely bonded pair, both were domestically bred, 20-22 years old, in excellent feather. This pair has laid, but I shut them down when my mother moved in with us. I have kept them as the last to be sold because they are so bonded, and I felt they were one of the most promising of the pairs I had. If interested, pictures are available. - $22,500

Hyacinth Macaws - I kept this pair to the last since they were the most productive pair that I ever had. They often lay 3 eggs in a clutch and very often all 3 are fertile. Hyacinths usually lay only 2 eggs in a clutch, so 3 eggs are very unusually. I currently have 4 of their babies as pets that are now 8-9 years old. They are all very large as compared to most domestic Hyacinths as they all weigh well over 2000 grams. Both of these birds are in excellent feather and beautiful as Hyacinths should be. If this pair is set up for breeding, I have no doubt they will more than pay for themselves in the first year - $28,500 - SOLD!!

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